Samsung S8 Unbox Your Phone


This is a mobile site campaign built by R/GA for Samsung S8. I was on the dev team while working at R/GA in 2017.

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Unbox Your Phone is a mobile site that introduces four main features of the smartphone Samsung S8 in the format of Instagram Stories.

As the user lands on the page, they found themselves in a galaxy and are invited to shake their phone physically in order to “unbox” it digitally. It then moves onto four stories; each story uses programmed animation to introduce a feature: young couple taking a selfie at dusk (camera feature), phone call from mom ringing in the water (water-resistant feature), AI recognizing parts on a bike and suggesting stores (Bixby feature), and phone syncing to a desktop computer as game starts (Dex gaming feature).

As the stories progress, the user can tap back and forth to skip stories or to go back, just like on Instagram.

Facing a tight deadline, I was one of the four developers on the team working along with UX designers, QAs, and project managers.

Technology used:
JavaScript, HTML, SASS, React, Node, Contentful, Docker, Gulp, Git, etc.